Undead Ronin



All information in this whitepaper is subject to change without prior notice. The Undead Ronin (UR) project and UR Labs recognize the dynamic nature of the crypto space, necessitating flexibility to adapt to evolving market conditions. The outlined services, features, and roadmap serve as a general guide and do not constitute a fixed commitment.


The Undead Ronin (UR) project introduces the Undead Ronin NFT Collection, consisting of 10,000 unique Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Each NFT represents an exclusive piece of digital art, crafted with various traits, ensuring distinctiveness and uniqueness. NFT holders gain exclusive access to UR Labs, a platform offering creative services such as photo and video editing, NFT creation, and more. UR Labs aims to be a comprehensive resource for inventive minds, fostering collaborative ventures with aligned projects.

NFT Supply Details

Name: Undead Ronin (UR)

Total Supply: 10,000 NFTs

Blockchain: Flare Network

Founder's Edition NFT

The Undead Ronin NFT Project introduces a limited collection of Founder's Edition NFTs, consisting of 2,000 NFTs. Priced at 2,000 FLR each, these Founder's Edition NFTs represent a unique and exclusive status within the ecosystem.

Benefits of Holding a Founder's Edition NFT

Exclusive Access

Founder's Edition holders receive exclusive access to additional features and events

within the Undead Ronin ecosystem.

Priority Participation

Founder's Edition holders are given priority participation in collaborative initiatives, partnerships,

and other opportunities presented by UR Labs.

Enhanced Royalty Share

When the monthly royalty of 8% is distributed, Founder's Edition holders receive

a higher percentage - 20% of the total collected royalty.

Raffle Entries

Founder's Edition holders also have the chance to participate in a monthly raffle,

with 5% of the royalty pool dedicated to this exciting opportunity.

Limited Supply

Only 4,000 Founder's Edition NFTs available, 2000 for Songbird Network and 2000 Flare

Network priced at 1,000 FLR each.

Free Mint & Discount's to Genesis Collection

All holder's the hold's 2 Founder's Edition NFT will be granted 1 free mint.

In general for every 2 Founder's Edition NFT you hold will grant you 1 free mint.

On top of free Mint holder's will also have discounts base on the NFT they hold.

As for the percentage, it will be disclosed in the future.

Royalty Example Calculation

for Founder's Edition ( Genesis Collection Royalty )

Assuming a monthly royalty collection of 20,000 FLR

20% for Founder's Edition Holders: 4,000 FLR

5% for Founder's Raffle Prize: 1,000 FLR

This approach ensures that the more Founder's Edition NFTs a holder possesses, the greater

their share in the royalty pool and the number of entries in the raffle.

CryotoHub - Future Endeavor

In future stages, UR Labs envisions the launch of CryptoHub, a web application tailored for crypto and NFT projects. Similar to Upwork, CryptoHub provides a dedicated space for skilled individuals to showcase talents and collaborate within the digital art and blockchain space.

Revenue Sharing Opportunity

UR Labs offers a unique benefit to NFT holders by providing revenue-sharing opportunities. As the CryptoHub platform collects fees, a portion of these fees will be distributed among Undead Ronin NFT holders, enhancing the value proposition for all stakeholders.

Blockchain and Staking Partnerships

Undead Ronin NFT holders have the opportunity to stake their NFTs, providing additional avenues for participation in the ecosystem and potential rewards.

Collaborative Opportunities

Undead Ronin NFT holders are eligible for participation in collaborative projects facilitated by UR Labs, fostering a vibrant community of innovative minds.

URFlare NFT Marketplace (NEW)

URFlare NFT Marketplace is a pioneering platform tailored exclusively for the esteemed Ronin community. It aims to provide accessibility and affordability in the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), distinguishing itself from other marketplaces such as Sparkles. This whitepaper outlines the vision, features, and roadmap for URFlare.

URFlare NFT Marketplace is a community-driven platform designed to empower Ronin holders by providing a seamless and rewarding NFT trading experience. Our mission is to democratize access to NFTs while fostering creativity and engagement within the Ronin community.

Development for URFlare has commenced. While an immediate launch is not guaranteed due to current funding constraints, we are committed to realizing our vision and delivering a platform that will benefit our collection holders.

URFlare currently hosts three distinct NFT collections under the Undead Ronin brand. These collections showcase the talent and creativity of the Ronin community, offering a diverse range of digital assets for collectors to explore and enjoy.

In the future, URFlare will integrate a reward system into the marketplace. Each NFT within our collections will hold significant value, with Founder's Edition NFTs carrying additional weight compared to the Genesis Collection.

URFlare is not just a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs; it is a platform for artists to showcase their skills and portfolios. Community members can engage directly with potential buyers, fostering a vibrant creative ecosystem.

URFlare NFT Marketplace is poised to revolutionize the way Ronin holders engage with NFTs. By prioritizing accessibility, affordability, and community engagement, we aim to create a platform that enriches the lives of our users and contributes to the growth of the Ronin ecosystem.